Louis in Paperback.

5 x 8: trade paperback

Many readers prefer paperback books.

A number of my longer works are available as 5 X 8” trade paperbacks from Createspace.

Core Values (Science fiction, horror.)

Dark Satires (Science fiction, short story collection.)

Engines of Creation (sf/h/f/satire, short stories.)

Ghost Planet (Science fiction, collection.)

HeavenIs Too Far Away (WW I memoir/parody.)

Horse Catcher (Science fiction.)

Onthe Nature of the Gods (SF/weird western/steam-punk-mash-up.)

Selected Poems (Poetry.)

TheCase of the Curious Killers (SF/space opera parody.)

The Paranoid Cat and other tales (Collection, SF/f/h/humour.)

TheShape-Shifters (Fantasy.)

Third World (Science fiction.)

TimeStorm (Science fiction.)

The Inspector Gilles Maintenon Mystery Series

TheArt of Murder  (Murder mystery.)

Blessed Are the Humble (Murder mystery.)

And in ebook format only, free, The Handbag’s Tale, the original noir crime novella that inspired the series. (Noir/crime.)

There are a couple of products on Lulu as well, including Redemption in a six-by-nine trade paperback and one of The Case of the Curious Killers in a 4 x 7”.

The latter is sort of interesting in that it was the first paperback I ever produce, and it uses the bare-bones simple Lulu cover template.

When I went to make up this page, I was a bit surprised to see Case had a three-and-a-half star rating.

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