Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sales List and Rights Assigned


The Second Coming Intercom SF (Translation pending.) Italian
The Game Aurora Bitzine Spanish and English
(Transl. Pending.)

Do not submit The Game in English!!!

Diogenes Nova Fantasia Catalan (Spanish)
(Transl. Pending.)
Censorship: Plato v. Socrates Breath and Shadow USA
Apparition of the Virgin Algernon Estonian
The Jesus Christ Show Wonderwaan Netherlands
Anna Antares Serbian
(Transl. Pending.)
Bushman Aurora Wolf USA

As of January 2010:

Nanobots in the lawn Axxon Argentina (Span. and reportedly English)
Bloody Dream March Twisted Tongue UK
Our Home (July) Shine US
Signs of Aging Apr 7/10 defenestration magazine US
Gombhi Hazard Cat date uncertain, need more data US?
'JPEG 035,' (art.) summer '10 Ghostlight, Great Lakes Horror Assoc. US
'Bushman' now appearing Aurora in the Dawn (Anth.) US
The Stud Farm October 2010 Jupiter SF UK
Anna Issue #497 Ennea '9' Greece.
Gotchimon date unknown as yet Wonderwaan Netherlands

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