Sunday, July 18, 2010

Engines of Creation.

by Louis B. Shalako


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Editor's Note: This is a marriage of science, religion and philosophy which should not be taken as a divinely-revealed truth.

An intelligent man might look at a grain of sand and deduce the universe. Is it such a stretch to look at the universe and deduce the presence of God?

The Bible versus evolution debate is always fun to watch. We must exercise our freedom of expression from time to time, to keep it strong, flexible, and adaptable.

Scientists theorize that the universe sprang into being through a singularity. A singularity is an infinitely small point in space from which infinite matter, energy, space and time exploded outwards in all directions at extremely high velocities. Public opinion, so often wrong, believes this happened in the centre of the universe, but this is a contradiction.

Where is the centre of infinite space?

Philosophers and scientists believe that if there is an effect, there must be a cause. The ancients called this ‘the first cause,’ or the ‘first principle.’

People who make statements regarding various religious faiths call this ‘God.’

It seems to me that evolution is one of the engines of creation, no matter how it all came about. And if God created the universe, He would have needed an impressive set of tools. These tools are the ‘almost-always immutable’ laws of nature.

Man may have been created ‘in God’s own image.’ I’m not competent to say. But man was clearly an imperfect being, as Adam and Eve quickly demonstrated. The truth as I see it, is that we are still evolving, at times perhaps not quickly enough. If we did not evolve, how could we account for nipples on men, the appendix, our relative hairlessness, wisdom teeth, or even just the crowding of teeth in our jaws, for that matter?

Anyhow, if God exists, surely He permeates and encompasses all things; including the infinity of the universe. He transcends everything—everything. He transcends everything by written definition. There's really only one other place to look. If you wanted to find God, the first place to look is in your own hearts. And if He’s not there, well, now you have your answer. Sometimes I go out back at night, have a smoke and look up at the stars. That’s when I figured out that time is like a Moebius strip, in the sense that it doesn’t have a top or bottom. Oh, and when people refer to a parallel universe, they fail to take into account the fact that it came from the singularity. There are no parallel universes—they’re all at a slight angle to each other. People like that tend to forget that a straight line is really just a curve of infinite diameter.

Yes. I just sit there and look up; wait and listen to those engines of creation.

Did you know there is another dimension? It’s a kind of force that cannot be measured or quantified, or proven in any way. I like to think of it as love—perhaps even God’s love. What could be better than that?

I suppose I really should quit smoking, but then, I don’t want to live forever.

That would just be crazy.

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