Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Things. Keeping It Screwed On Straight.

by Louis Bertrand Shalako


All Rights Reserved

Okay, so tomorrow the Victorian Order of Nurses nurse will be here at ten o'clock. I need to be back with my smokes and coffee by then! The Evil Doctor Louis has never treated a bum-scuff on a 79 year-old man before, and we are grateful for their assistance.

I learned with a quick Google search that I have two books in Kobo Bookstore, good news indeed and just in time for the season. Those royalty checks will come from smashwords, as I recall, but I should check that out ASAP.

For some reason I'm not writing much right now, but clearly more stuff is in the works. Right now I'm researching places and platforms for reviews of my books, and some of these will include magazines listed on and, etc.

With four e-books on Amazon in Kindle format, and four books on Smnashwords in multiple formats, and now the two books in Kobo Bookstore in multiple formats, things look promising for the new year.

In time I will have four books in Kobo, and hopefully get into Diesel, Applestore, you know the program.

I'm tweeting now. Several people participated in an experimental live chat with Brian Thomas Schmidt and Mike Resnick, sci-fi's record holder in terms of awards. Hopefully that will go better next time, Wednesday night at 9:00 here: #sffwrtcht (twitter.) We were either all on different pages or different app's.

As long as we can keep our heads screwed on straight, we should do all right. Other than that, it's time to learn marketing and social networking and all that jazz.

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