Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to set up a Kindle, setting up Netflix and TV.

Courtbean's Kindle

How to set up your Kindle

When you come home with your Kindle new in the box, you must first charge it and power it up. According to Amazon, it takes 4-6 hours. While charging, an amber light will appear, when charge is complete, a green light will appear.

Charging and Powering Up your Kindle.:

Before going on to anything else, you must first register your Kindle. This is necessary so that Amazon’s content is available to the reader. Then in order to shop for content, (or at least purchase it,) you have to set up an Amazon account, and this will take a couple of minutes. Make sure your e-mail address is accurate.

These links load fairly quickly.

Here are the controls of a Kindle: (There are higher-end models with enhanced features.)

Buying and downloading content for your Kindle. (Video.)

Using your Kindle Fire. (Video.)

Browsing with the Kindle DX wireless. (Salon.)

How to set up your Kindle to watch Netflix and TV. (Askville.)

Download Netflix App. (Android. Free download.)

Good luck with your new Kindle and enjoy your reading experience.

Photo Credit:
‘Courtbean’s Kindle.’ Wikipedia Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 Courtney Boyd Meyers

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