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Uncle Adolf's Wheelchair.

“The willingness of the worker depends upon his complete confidence in the purchasing power of the currency in which he is paid. As confidence goes, work ceases. We see popular information supplied by a venal press dependent upon advertising and subsidies. There is no science of currency and business psychology to restrain governments from the most disturbing interference with the public credit and the circulation. Modern imperialism is not a synthetic world-uniting movement like the old imperialism, it is a megalomaniac nationalism.” — Herbert George Wells, in his Outline of History.

As many of you may know, he was the author of When the Sleeper Wakes, a chilling look at our modern times from about ninety years ago.

These anti-social ideas always find strong support in the military and official castes, in the enterprising and acquisitive strata of society, in new money that is and big business. Its chief critics are the educated poor and the laboring masses.

Wells is more famous for War of the Worlds, and The Time Machine.

The point is that the majority have lost confidence in a system that was always based on inequities anyway.

I saw my grandfather on the front page of the newspaper. Upon taking a closer look I saw it was the Prime Minister of Canada, wearing the Emperor’s old clothes. Apparently Mister Harper is having a wonderful time in 1898, and would like us to join him. Sorry man — you can never go back. It’s probably a good idea for you to stay, now that you have missed the horse-drawn bus. Why don’t you go burn some coal or something.

The world will become increasingly divided between the have-nots and those who work for the government. Rising social tensions may be dealt with by the simple solution of an increase in the use of force, entrapment, surveillance, and police powers. Dissent or even the asking of questions will be seen as ‘a criminal attitude,’ and mere curiosity will cause suspicion. Simple knowledge will be seen as a pernicious social influence. It will be quietly discouraged by peer pressure and the enhanced use of metaphysical persuasion.

As the bottom of the population pyramid narrows, and the bulge of the baby-boomers reaches a swelling nearer to the top, the top of what was once a pyramid, but now looks more like a ‘lingam,’ (a phallic symbol,) then social instability will reach a crisis point—the so-called, ‘tipping point,’ at which point anything is possible, even social evolution, i.e. that most theoretical of all constructs when dealing with the human animal, ‘change.’

* * *

It is difficult to be objective about the times we live in, especially if one isn’t doing too well. But a historian living in the year 2110 will have an abundance of information and an absence of reliable facts to deal with, in assessing the period 1990-2012. That’s because all the sources are essentially corrupt. None of the data is trustworthy. None of the conclusions drawn and stated at that time may be trusted. They are completely worthless, like a CTV News Channel story on the economy, totally erroneous for unknown reasons. Certain inescapable facts remain.

What truly stands out from this perspective, is that middle-class wages were essentially frozen in terms of real purchasing power. What stands out is that working-class wages were reduced, with barely a murmur; by an estimated thirty to forty percent. It was a corporate war against the middle class, formerly the most powerful bastion of democracy.

What stands out is that the poor plummeted towards third-world status and stayed there. Literate and skilled as they were, it appears they were unwanted, perhaps even actively dissuaded from participation in the polities of the day.

What stands out is that the ethic went from savings to easy credit. Thrift and prudence shifted to waste and crass hedonism. The Free Trade Agreement was sold by government and media as ‘good for all Canadians.’ It was also sold as ‘Good for all Americans.’

How could it work both ways? It was good for the rich and the big international corporations. The national economies grew by leaps and bounds—at the expense of fundamental social values. Exports grew. And consumer debt grew. Bank profits grew.

Hell, even the profits of justice grew, to the extent there was a shortage of warm bodies to fill up all those for-profit prisons...

What stands out is the pervasive and pernicious influence of the mainstream mass media. What stands out is the dis-education of the populace, in spite of rising professional standards of educators, and what stands out is the sheer economic and political weight of the Ontario teacher’s pension fund. What stands out is that no one seemed to notice the results of these monopolistic trends. What stands out is that no one cared. What stands out is that species-survival took second place to next quarter’s bottom line. What stands out is that nothing has really changed in at least two or three thousand years.

Ultimately all archaeology is subjective, although we would like to think of it as pure science. We impose our own values upon these imposing old ruins. We interpret them as best we can. What destroyed this civilization? Did they learn nothing, in spite of their metaphysical certainties? Couldn’t they build temples, sewers, waste disposal sites, courthouses, jails and other government services fast enough? Is it possible that in the midst of all this plenty, they could not feed their own people? Did the people become irrelevant to the Establishment and ultimately an impediment to manifest destiny?

Was it the pseudo-revelations of the mouthpiece economists, all those bought-and-paid-for-opinions? Did they tell the customer what they wanted to hear? Like pollsters? Did the state collapse of its own sheer top-weight? Its own fallacious mythology? Surely it did not collapse from greed, ignorance, decadence and corruption? Did they legislate themselves to death? All the while unable or unwilling to tax those most able to pay?

Surely they must have reaped what they did sow.

Did it collapse from sheer stupidity? The technology of the times would indicate otherwise.

The most ludicrous theory put forward so far is that this society crashed due to a failure of the energy supply. It is difficult to comprehend that primitive peoples built such amazing monuments to their culture, and failed to provide for energy supply.

Did they not understand that energy, just as matter, space and time, mind-stuff and self are infinite in the universe? Was it mere perverse self-delusion, a willful self-delusion on the part of the bourgeoisie? One theory, which has received a great deal of attention, is that they choked on their own waste.

The ancient philosopher once said, “One gets out of it what one puts into it.”

What did he mean by that? And why did he carve it on a monolith in the public square?

The end was near. Why bother? And what was meant by ‘globalization?’

When archaeologists truly understand what was meant by that most mysterious of terms, then perhaps we will be a little closer to understanding what actually happened here.

Until then, keep digging. You never know what might turn up.

I once dug up an entire set of Elvis collector plates. They’re in the Solar Federation Museum. Perhaps you’ve been there? That’s how I got appointed High Priest.

Now I’m set for life.

The only constant in the cosmos is change. Except for human nature. It is unchangeable.

The God-King has decreed it, and the media has proclaimed it.

But what really strikes home about this micro-epoch is that the paradigm shifted.

No longer did the state exist to serve the people, or even in its most extreme application, to serve the odd highly-privileged individual. At some point the individual existed to serve the state. That was the tipping point. Enlightened self-interest was no longer possible, for it no longer paid any dividends to the individual. The state became an insatiable sponge, sucking up all surplus. It became a moral deadweight, perpetuating itself at the expanse of the life-force of the weltfolk.

This was not a conscious decision, on the part of society, groups of people or individuals.

It was an intuitive, collective decision; a phenomenon of mass hysteria, a kind of fin-de-siecle feeling spread by mass media and example, word of mouth and the slavish imitation of one’s peers. It was a mob.

When there was no longer any incentive, then there was no longer any effort, and the corruption of society was complete. That was the tipping-point, and from that point onward, society was doomed.

* * *

When power and authority collapses, it leaves a vacuum. The disabled must step into that vacuum, and be prepared to wield power—to act for the common good of the weltfolk—and to finally stand astride the world, with our heads brushing the clouds like some kind of God-damned colossus. For only then shall we truly be free. Only then shall we be truly strong again. The world must tremble at our feet, and we must plant a foot on its neck.

As we journey together into the end times, the disabled must be prepared to lead as it is better than being eaten or sacrificed upon the altar of conservative economics.

As the undead, we have learned to survive in a weird, half-lit world of darkness, despair and a melancholy, philosophical solitude; where truth is lies and perception is no longer reality but a kind of sly innuendo, a whispered, collective and conspiratorial injustice.

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