Sunday, January 20, 2013

Excerpt from Time Storm.

Edgar Conti couldn’t believe his luck, or what his eyes beheld.

Soenen Panjara, exquisitely revealed, tied to the bed in Marjorie Puddy’s bedroom, gasping in fear and sordid sexuality.

“Ah! Little Miss Goodie Two-Shoes has come around.” He spoke in dulcet tones, his instant erection, throbbing in repressed angst, making itself known in no uncertain terms.

“You owe me ten thousand dollars.” Marj reminded him, as Soenen sobbed in anguish.

“Of course.” Edgar didn’t have too many pockets tonight. “But later, if you don’t mind.”

He rapidly opened up his sports bag and began to set up the equipment, including lights, cameras, microphones, and a few other handy accessories of a more personal nature. He set a red plastic construction helmet on his head, and a string of white pearls on his neck. He pinched his nipples to arouse himself.

“Please, don’t.” Soenen begged through her tears. “Please don’t.”

“The more you beg, the more you cry, the better we like it.” Marj strapped on a harness to which was mounted a long black plastic dildo fully a third of a metre in length.

“Oh, God. How can you do this.” She sobbed in pure misery. “How can you do this?”

Edgar Conti seated himself, after stripping down to his G-string and green plastic flip-flops, zooming in to check the fine focus and the lighting. He took a moment to oil his body and preen in front of the mirror.

“More light!”

Soenen gasped and moaned, while Marj settled in behind her on the bed. “Oh, God, oh, Jesus.”

Soenen writhed in desperation at her bonds. What a nightmare had overtaken her, what evil Marj had perpetrated upon her.

“Not Edgar.” Soenen pleaded for mercy. “Please, no, Edgar.”

He sipped at the Courvoisier Brandy that Marj had thoughtfully provided for him, then stroked his member to keep it hard.

“I would be foolish to take that risk.”

“Edgar’s a clean freak.” Marj explained for Soenen’s benefit. “This little party is just for us.”

“Oh, Jesus.” Soenen gasped as the thirty-five millimetre diameter head of the dildo poked and prodded at her labia.

“The thrill of the chase is nothing to the thrill of the capture.” Edgar narrated for the camera.

He had a surprisingly good voice, Soenen noted with a corner of her violated persona.

“I promise not to tell your mother.” Marj’s comment brought forth fresh bursts of tears and hyperventilation.

She slid the dildo in further and Soenen began to gasp in response to this new stimulation. Edgar zoomed in on the plastic cock, entering Soenen from behind, and saw he would have to raise the camera up on its tripod. He fiddled with the lights and his penis. In the lurid glare, Soenen saw that more than anything he was focused on her bottom. Marj held up a wine glass for her, and she drank fitfully but gratefully. For a violation such as she was experiencing, to be drunk was the most merciful thing.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Soenen shuddered in orgasm after orgasm, as Edgar watched in fascination, never having experienced such a thing in company with another human soul or body.

“Is it good?” Edgar wished someone could explain the human fascination with sex.

Wild-eyed in frenzy, Soenen couldn’t give a coherent answer even if she had wanted to. She moaned and groaned through multiple orgasms in spite of herself. What a night! It was like an out-of-body experience, where you hover above the bed you are dying in.


Photo: tiefschwarz2 Wiki Commons. Model Jenni Lee demonstating bondage techniques.

Time Storm is available from Amazon and other fine retailers.

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