Thursday, December 26, 2013

Louis Shalako's Top Five Tips for Being a Successful Writer.

Squee! Cupcakes!

by Louis Shalako

1.) Write a best-selling book, (and I can't stress that enough.)

2.) Get a million-dollar advance from a major publisher. Try not to be too long about it.

3.) Slap an award-winning cover on it and get great reviews from the New York Times, Oprah's Book Club and every other reviewer of note.

4.) Write a lot more best-selling books just as fast as you can, all edited by award-winning editors from major publishers, and oh; don't forget to get million-dollar advances for aforesaid books from aforesaid major publishers.

5.) Be nice to everybody, even when you feel like poking your eyes out with knitting needles.


Say 'Squee!' a lot and post some of the finest cupcake pictures since the dawn of time on Facebook and Pinterest.


  1. Well, now that I know what I'm doing wrong, I'll get right on this.

    Head-slap moment: I never even THOUGHT of cupcakes!

  2. I know how you feel, anyhow, the cupcakes can't hurt. It might work, right?


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