Monday, December 2, 2013

The Vulcan Logic.

"It's simple logic, Captain."

by Louis Shalako

If you have somewhere to go, start walking

If you have nothing to say, stop talking

If you see an accident, start gawking

If your boat leaks, start caulking

If you want to eat a pigeon, loose falcon

If you want to get a move on, stop balking

If you are a teacher, start chalking

If you have two hearts, pointed ears, and green blood,

You’re a Vulcan.

If you have an urgent need to communicate, start talking

If you want to hurt someone, start socking

If you just want to get stoned, start rocking

If you would like to come ashore, start docking

If you just want to be happy, (and who doesn’t?)

Stop sulking

If you’re not coming in, stop knocking

If you have a logical mind, and only get laid about once every seven years,

You’re a Vulcan.

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