Thursday, March 6, 2014

Humble Gifts.

Louis Shalako

Ladies and gentlemen,

Come one, come all,

One size fits all.

We have something for everyone.


If you have a goal, and someone might be able to help you with it, by all means share that goal with them. If the goal is a positive one, or even just a reasonable one, good people will do what they can to assist you. 

That’s an important and fundamental truth of human nature.

If someone can’t help you achieve your goal, then there’s not much point in sharing your goal with them.

If nothing else, it will merely bore them, or convince them you are a fool, and in the worser cases, they will even act to impede your progress and prevent you from achieving anything. To a person without a dream, after all, there is nothing worse than a person that has one.

Especially if you’re willing to take your risks and work your ass off trying to get there. This is more than some folks can abide. You know this to be true.

And so do they.


On the internet, sharing personal information has its limits, but in order to share my goals, and some readers may be in a position to help me achieve those goals, you sort of have to understand why.

First of all, I’m a writer and have been since about 1984.

I’ve also been on disability for seventeen years, the result of a fall from a scaffolding.

Now, there’s not much you can do, to help me become a better writer. That’s all up to me and I work very hard to achieve that end of it.

But the real problem is of course finding readers as an independent and unknown author.

Any success I have, goes towards the ultimate goal of getting off of disability, which is 40 % below the poverty line, and living independently, with some level of dignity, in what I would call working class prosperity.

My needs are simple and I keep my costs low.

I just want to have a better life, ladies and gentlemen.

During Read an Ebook Week at Smashwords, I have set the prices at free, using checkout coupons, for four pen-names. Louis Shalako has some free stuff as well. The codes are listed on the product pages.

These are my pen-names, and in some crazy way, they are also fictional characters in their own right. Each of them is a unique person, and I’m very proud of them. These are my children, after all.

Louis Shalako (There’s an interview there too.)

These are my humble gifts, and my only wealth, which is why it pleases me to give so many of them away for free. They are the result of long hours of blood, toil, tears and sweat.

I would not say that I give them away for nothing.

Finding you, the reader, is enough.


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