Monday, March 2, 2015

Operation Rolling Ebook.

(Courtesy of Smashwords.)

It’s Read An Ebook Week again, Mar 1-7, 2015.

A promotion we have dubbed Operation Rolling Ebook we will shock and awe as many readers as we can reach.

The plan is a simple one but at least we have a plan.

On day one, we set five or more books for free, one from each other. Day two, set up another five books for free, one from each author. If readers see a book from any of these authors that they like and it’s not listed for free, odds are it will be by the end of the promotion. By then we’ll have thirty-five or more titles up for free, books, short stories and novellas in a dozen different genres.

This is a good reason to check back over the course of the week.

Readers interested in a particular title can use the contact form and suggest one and we will be happy to set that up for you within 24 hours.

Our authors include:

(In no particular order, just the luck of the draw.)

Constance ‘Dusty’ Miller

Zach Neal

Harold C. Jones

Ian Cooper

Louis Shalako

Thank you for reading.

-- louis


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