Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welcome to Our Billion Dollar Giveaway.

Louis Shalako

Welcome to our Billion Dollar Giveaway.*

Since September 2010, here at Shalako Publishing, Long Cool One Books and Larga Fresca Uno Libros, we have distributed approximately 90,000 ebooks and PODs.

Mostly for free.

Hi, my name is Louis Shalako. I’m not just the president, I’m also a reader.

For that reason, also the fact that the goodness of my heart just pisses out of my pores sometimes, I have decided to give away a billion dollars’ worth of books.

Now, it would be too easy to conclude that we’re doing it for the love.

But the fact is, this marketplace should not have pissed us off.

Here is a small sample of what we are offering.

The Spy I Loved. Dusty Miller.

It’s a calculated risk for the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service in the classic game of spy-versus-spy.

Rogue C.I.A. agent Aubrey Herschel needs something to trade for immunity. More than anything, he wants to go home.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, heavyweight Liam Kimball has been brought in to search for the highly-classified EMERALD spy satellite, scattered all over northern Ontario.

Lindsey is working for the summer at Uncle Dale’s resort, The Pines, where a mysterious guest steals her heart without half trying. If only he wasn’t so good-looking—or such a bastard.

In a game where there are no rules, sometimes no clear objectives, it’s a question of who gets there first—and who gets hurt.

Silent Service. Zach Neal.

Lieutenant-Commander Oliver Dunbar and the crew of E-17, thirty men and boys in a steel cylinder a hundred and eighty feet long, must penetrate the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus and get into the Black Sea. The inland sea has been an Ottoman lake for hundreds of years. It’s their job to sink the ships that sustain the Empire, in support of an imminent campaign on the Turkish mainland. Lined with shore batteries and some very big guns, the straits are a dagger pointed straight at the Sublime Porte. With submarine nets, mines and enemy warships everywhere, they’ll be lucky to make it out with their skins intact.

Taken. Ian Cooper.

After a successful raid, where they stumbled onto the greatest prize of all, leader Daron shares the rewards with his men. It’s a question of trust, loyalty, generosity and prestige. They know enough not to damage the merchandise, and the girls are very beautiful. A short and barbaric story.

m4m. Harold C. Jones.

Henry gets an odd response to his personal ad in the m4m section. It’s a blind man, who claims he isn’t even gay. It’s just that he’s so desperately lonely. He might be willing to consider it. After all, people in jails do it all the time. Lester might just be in luck, as Henry’s a bit tired of the Craigslist crowd anyway, with their peculiar feuds and jealousies. A short story of gender-bending erotic romance.

Speak Softly My Love. Louis Shalako.

To fall in love is to be young again. To count the cost is to die a little bit inside. In Speak Softly My Love, Inspector Gilles Maintenon goes out for a quart of milk and stumbles across a dead man. The trouble is, when the dead get up and walk away. They have one too many missing-person reports, too many wives, girlfriends and other mysterious blondes.

Enticing as it is, Gilles has a heavy court schedule. Without a body and a firm identification, what can they really do? It’s a time of budget restraint and limited resources—and the work keeps piling up. The suave but inexperienced Detective Hubert, and the raw but persistentDetective Tailler must handle the case. All Maintenon can do is keep his mouth shut and let them give it a shot.

In this, the fifth in the noir Inspector Gilles Maintenon Mystery Series, author Louis Shalako transports the reader into the gritty reality of murder in Paris, 1931. An unforgettable mystery, one that is dark, witty and entertaining.


If the reader clicks on any of the above author’s names, on (or in, or at) pretty much any online bookseller carrying the works, they will find any number of other free titles. The reader is welcome to take one or take them all. The only exception is Amazon, where the author cannot set a price at free and the Gods and Jeff Bezos price-match and set things for free on some sort of whimsical basis know only to themselves.

In the past, we’ve had a July Blowout every summer. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be randomly setting books for free until all of our titles are free. That kind of kills two birds with one stone in terms of promotion…we’re all about efficiency here.

If the reader is absolutely determined, we probably can’t stop you from buying a book. In the meantime, if that is your choice, then we certainly thank the reader.

It probably does go to support further literary endeavors in some small way.

Thanks for reading.


90,000 books at an estimated value of $5.00 each, equals $450,000.00 worth of books. At a price of ten bucks a book, that would be more like nine hundred thousand. Anyways, you get the idea.

As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a ways to go yet.

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