Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our Billion-Dollar Giveaway Continues.

Stella, one of our interns here at Long Cool One Books

This is an important message from publisher Ivan P. Krumholtz of Long Cool One Books.

(Staff writers.)

Here at Long Cool One Books, our Billion Dollar Giveaway continues.

While we will be winding things down gradually over the month of July, there are still plenty of free titles up for grabs.

All of our authors are on the same platforms, so here is just a quick sample of what’s available and where you can get it before time runs out.

Dusty Miller. Romance, erotica. Light BDSM, with occasional elements of fantasy and science fiction.

Ian Cooper. Hairy-chested male-oriented erotica, sexual memoir and historical fiction with his latest, Chevauchee. 

HaroldC. Jones. Gay literature with emphasis on bisexuality. Some BDSM elements. 

Zach Neal. Historical fiction, thriller, military, adventure and western stories. 

Louis Shalako. Science fiction, horror, fantasy, WW I memoir, satire, and the Inspector Gilles Maintenon Mystery series.

Please enjoy the free read and don’t forget to leave a rating or a review.

Thank you for reading a Long Cool One Book.


{How was that, was that okay? > publisher.}

{Ya done good, boss. - ed.}

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