Friday, December 24, 2010

State of the World 2010.

by Louis Bertrand Shalako


All Rights Reserved

This is our state of the world address for the end of 2010.

I managed to get two e-books up on Myebook and all subsequent attempts have failed. After spending the day making a fresh pdf of 'The Case of the Curious Killers,' it is disappointing. I tried re-naming the file, etc. I don't know what is going on there. But at least I have two books there.

I checked into, and there are four books there available as pdf's at $1.99 each. I don't quite know what I did wrong there, as the first bunch were EPUB's. At least I can see a product page, and I understand the system. After reading a bunch of automated e-mails, it was clear that some of the problems were due to clicking on the wrong button.

'Print run failure notices,' etc. As for POD with Lulu, maybe in a month or two. Not right now, although my new pdf of 'Case' is an obvious candidate. I make nice pdf's, after all this experience.

I asked some questions of Google rep 'Mark,' and that was maybe 24-36 hours ago. No response, but it is Christmas Eve. All I can do is try to delete stuff and keep the account open...? For some reason that I can't determine exactly.

I've opened up the Distribution Channels on Smashwords, and in a few days and weeks maybe the books will after all appear in Diesel, Barnes & Noble, Apple and God, I just don't know where.

I reported my income to the Ontario Disability Support Program and they are threatening me with 'income interruption.' I won't even get a royalty check until I earn over $100.00.

The ODSP is asking me, "Are you still operating a business?"

They refused my application for the 'Work Related Benefit,' (up to $500 annually,) because, according to them , "You are operating a business and therefore don't qualify."

I have decided not to appeal if they cut me off, neither will I apply for or accept welfare. All I can do is report my income honestly and let them behave the way they always do. It's not like the bastards ever ask a question.

Addendum: Here we go again. I found a free online service that will turn any one of a number of formats into EPUB files. This file failed to upload to Lulu. So I simply republished in pdf. Fine as far as that goes.

I stuck that EPUB file in my Mobipocket Reader and it seems to have huge spaces between the lines, page numbers appear there but no page's a mess. My question is, does the Lulu conversiion process strip all that out? I had better get back there and see if I can preview that content...

...and we're back. Three of them look very good, but 'Heaven' has an extra cover image inside, which is not serious. I'll see if I can fix that tonight. I've reduced prices at Lulu to $1.49, and apparently pdf's are supported in virtually all devices.

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