Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Am I Doing Wrong, Mark?

by Louis Bertrand Shalako


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All righty then. I sent a contact e-mail to Google Books and asked them to close my account and not to contact me. Predictably, I have a very nice e-mail from 'Mark,'
who no doubt would like to know what it is all about.

Mark, I have information on four books in the system, and the file uploads keep failing. Now, when I try to install Google Uploader, I get a warning.

It says, 'There was an error in the database signature,' and it also says, 'this file is from a trusted source but it is either out of date or not yet valid.'

Okay, Mark, in your e-mail you point out that I might want to participate in Google E-Books and yes; that is true.

What am I doing wrong, Mark?

I am uploading pdf's and hopefully the form ISBN-Content (Title?) is correct...right?

ADDENDUM: What I did was to paste that into an e-mail and shoot it back to Mark. Hopefully we get some data, and we'll keep you posted.

All right, so on Lulu I uploaded EPUB's that unfortuately had 'Smashwords Edition' inside. The only way to solve that was to edit the original .doc file and make a free pdf. Now instead of selling EPUB on Lulu, it looks like I am selling pdf's on Lulu. On some theoretical level, I understand that now the thing to do is to take the corrected pdf versions and make EPUB's...somehow, somewhere. Er; someday.

On the plus side, the pdf's on Lulu clearly state, 'This Lulu Edition published by Shalako Publishing,' and that sort of thing is important for the sake of credibility.


So far I have worked an 11-hour day, but it's early yet, and who knows, it might even get better.

EVEN MORE: Eight hours this morning and about five so far tonight. That doesn't include cooking, going to the grocery store, cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry. Twenty bucks in gas and a couple packs of smokes...thank God no one called and volunteered to give me 'respite.'

They want to sit on my couch for a couple of hours and do nothing? While I take my eleven bucks and go off and attend to some personal needs?

'Bleep you.'

I now have four pdf's on Lulu. I have two books for online reading at Myebook and I don't know what all. I uploaded two more books to Google Books just in case I'm doing something right, added Twitter to my Smashwords profile, read things, and just kept kind of busy in a general sort of way...

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