Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Long Job.

by Louis Bertrand Shalako


All Rights Reserved

Still working on that Lulu POD file.

This part of the process is a long job. I'm checking every left indent in the file, and any deviation, even as little as one-tenth of an inch, sticks out. If you like the story and kind of get into it, you might not notice, but if you are inclined to be critical to begin with, or have low expectations, you might.

So far I've only done about eighty pages out of over four hundred. Another thing I have noticed, is that if a word on the end of a line ends in 'f,' then the curl of the 'f' sticks out a little into the right margin. It is possible to rewrite the sentence, and make sure there are no 'f's on the end of the line. Sticking a few words into a line to aid in the justification process is time consuming and a pain in the ass, and like any rewrite, it has to make sense.

What I find strange is that taking an old smashfile and converting it to .txt really did not cure this problem, not in this Open Office program.

The smashfile would have had indents defined under the 'define paragraph' thingy, and turning it into a .txt preserves indents pretty well. I made those files in Word. They look fine in the e-books.

If nothing else, setting a two-month deadline for myself shows something.

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