Monday, January 3, 2011


by Louis Bertrand Shalako


All Rights Reserved


I was going through all my folders, trying to get all my documents in one, pictures in another, unused desktop icons in another, etc.

Opening up my Open Office program, I clicked on my book, the only real file in there, and of course it said, 'The File Does Not Exist.'

After a moment of quick and liquid dread, I recalled that at least I hadn't emptied the recycle bin, and a quick file search did indeed reveal the elusive file.

We've been through the first 220+ pages of a 425-page work, and it will be some time yet. I don't want to put out a printed book with lousy, ragged right margins.


I got the book 'Case' posted to Spalding's Racket. This is not a review site, but hopefully the book gets a little more exposure. I e-mailed pdf copies to a couple of places, but the one to my old college bounced! I'll have to check out that address. The place is still there...I drove past it the other day.

I see people having giveaways and contests and things like that. I should obviously be doing that. It's probably irrational to think my inbox would be flooded with requests. I have sent out three books for review, and a couple of queries, and who knows? We might be fortunate, and if we're not receptive to criticism we ain't going nowhere. I obviously lack self-esteem or something. Maybe I'm just shy!

But there must be a way to do it. Pick a platform and set the price to 'free,' and then people can download a free book from a site they trust, right? And no stuff in my inbox. With that, it will take some time for the price change to filter through. Obviously, I would use my best book, and stuff like that. I'll have to think it out, or write some kind of blurb for it. I might want to plan it...?


The local library lends out e-books. How do I get in there? I don't have a clue, and the website doesn't have anything on that. It takes guts or something to even ask. It doesn't really matter if I get paid for them, we're trying to build readership, and get talked about to some extent.

Something like that.


It was nice to get out of the house for a while today. The above picture was taken fifty metres, maybe a little less off of Sarnia's Canatara Park. HP E-317 pic by lous.

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