Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back On The Job.

This is behind my mother's house. A bit of a climb down, but worth it.

To make a long story short, my computer blew up and I sent it off to our tech people in Londinium, and then I moved household to another undisclosed location.

When I closed out my dad's internet account, set up because I was looking after him and the bill was in his name, I lost a couple of e-mail accounts. When I got my computer back, the program for downloading (or unloading,) pictures from my HP camera was gone. Sticking the disk in seems to do nothing at all, but I always seem to find some bass-ackwards way of doing things and I can in fact get the pictures off.

In a previous post I mentioned that my camera is broken. What this means is that I have to pinch the battery door shut, hold the camera in a vice-like grip and quickly set it up and shoot. Taking the photos off involves a whole lot of death-grip squeezing on the machine and it's a real pain in the pattooties.

It's a good idea to blank that card once in a while, it might speed things up.

Maybe a c-clamp would help. The door can be taped shut, but the tape doesn't hold for very long.

Due to the fact that my e-mail accounts were deleted, I have to hack into quite a few of my accounts and platforms, and re-set the contact e-mail address before I will start getting notifications from them. I have no idea of how many new followers I might have on Twitter, but I can check that using Tweetdeck.

I haven't written a thing in two or three weeks, but sometimes it's good to disrupt the obsession with sales and success and all that sort of thing.

In July, we broke all previous monthly sales records, and that helps to put it in its proper perspective. Maybe I was trying too hard or something. It's only the ninteenth, right?

I still need a rug for under my office chair, and a light of some kind over the computer desk. That's because my touch-typing skills are apparently not the best.

You learn something new every day.

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