Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving is Disruption.

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If the occasional disruption is good for us, then moving is probably a good thing.

Every time I come over to my sister's house to use a borrowed laptop and someone else's internet service, I seem to forget my reading glasses. I strikes me that I have a hundred accounts and a seemingly endless stream of passwords. It occurs to me that I forgot my notebook, good old ruled lines on white paper, with a lot of crucial stuff in there, like all them passwords.

It's always cold in her basement. I can't smoke in here. So far I haven't tried to burn a disc on my home PC and bring it here and load it into this (actually my mother's/lent to my brother's/borrowed by my sister's/but she's out of town and now I'm using it) machine. That one box is in a closet at home, and presumably I have at least one blank disc. There are no card slots on this machine.

Clearly the internet is vital to my business and a modern writer can hardly compete in today's marketplace without it. It's only a matter of time. Theoretically I can order it online, right here and now. But there are always other considerations. My mother can save $25.00 if she signs me up...if I order the thing myself, do I have to use my sister's phone number, and then come back and sit here day after day waiting for them to set up an appointment for hook-up? Because I don't have a phone yet, right? That's one of the things I might be ordering...right?

Moving is disruption, which brings fresh insights, or at least makes older ones clearer in some way.

My newly-repaired computer does indeed have new programs on it, (just as predicted in a previous post,) including upgraded Windows XP/professional, and a bunch of new icons on the desktop. The program for taking photos off my camera is gone, so it needs to be reloaded.

I do need a vacation, but in terms of my business, this is all happening at a crucial stage. To backslide or even just waste a whole lot of time is kind of heartbreaking.

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