Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coming Soon. 'On the Nature of the Gods.'

Photo: Morguefile, design by Louis.

Here is the blurb for 'On the Nature of the Gods,' scheduled for release March 31.

Rife with the bizarre juxtaposition of psycho-sexual elements, ‘On the Nature of the Gods’ is a superb parody of the steam-punk weird western with elements of bedroom comedy sub-sub-genre. Undefeated in a hundred and thirty-eight bouts, bare-knuckle fighter Jeb Snead may be the toughest man in a totally plastic world. Unfortunately, he has no sense of humour and might even be a little insecure. Rufe Golan is the son of a rich man, a smooth-talking bastard and an inveterate foot-fetishist. Yet he knows what he likes. Hope Ng, starved for either attention or entertainment, is on her way to San Francisco to live with her scruffy old grandfather when her wagon train is massacred. Things get better after that. The buxom but leggy Miss Muriel Kitty, a professional working woman-cat-thing, and wise in the ways of the world, provides a valuable service in the frontier society of which she is a part. The Evil Doctor Schmitt-Rottluff surrounds himself with willing tools and useful fools, some of whom are the product of a little too much inbreeding in test-tubes. Chapley, his alleged black nephew and Waylon, his acknowledged ‘taurian son, Nazi gryphons, erudite Injuns who read Latin and mischievous spirits who just want to see what happens next, fill out a never-before-seen all-star cast in comic genius and Julius Caesar of Canadian novelists Louis B. Shalako’s killer debut in this admittedly obscure literary category. In the words of a beta-reviewer who prefers anonymity (my Uncle Bob,) and who has asked not to be quoted, ‘This is way better than Atlanta Nights.’ And anybody who doesn’t like telempathic horses and equine romance, or casually-stated themes of rape, bestiality and incest, most likely has something wrong with them. Diabolically fun, don’t let your mother catch you reading this one! Seriously, it will probably kill her. Please don’t say you haven’t been warned, because you have.

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