Friday, March 16, 2012

How many times can you read the same book?

I'm working on the editing of 'On the Nature of the Gods,' and some days it's like all I can do is to painstakingly go through two or three pages at a time. How many times could you read the same book? If you really loved it, maybe a few times.

How many times can you read the same page, same paragraph, same line...same word? As many times as it takes, I guess! Skimming past a few pages isn't worth it. Deep in your heart you know you have to go back and look at them again, and so why do it? I push it as best I can.

But then I have to close the file and look at something else.

I've probably read certain books fifteen or twenty times. In terms of music, we can probably listen to the same song or album hundreds of times. Later in life, a song comes up on the radio and we sit up and say, 'Oh, yeah!' We haven't heard it in a while, and so it is fresh and new. But try going through the same book over and over again, day after thing it sure isn't is glamourous.

That's what they made social networks for, it's for goofing off when we don't feel like working. However, if we see this whole being a professional writer thing as a long-term process, one which will keep us going until the end of our days, then taking a break once in a while makes sense.

That's because we aren't going to get it all done in a day.

It's not like we aren't always scheming and plotting and fulminating as to what to do next. Assuming my e-book, 'On the Nature of the Gods,' gets properly published as of March 31, and assuming my proof copy of 'Redemption: an Inspector Gilles Maintenon mystery,' is good to go, then obviously without a whole lot of mental anguish I can start on the next POD paperback in the catalogue. (Or 'catalog' in the U.S.) That really only takes a few days. Basically this would result in two new products as of Mar 31, and a second POD a short time later, certainly by the end of April.

In the meantime, there's a folder with some stories that need to be submitted. There's a SF novel to rewrite, the next Maintenon mystery to write, there's a slew of titles on a list somewhere in my files. I wouldn't have done that without some idea that could be expressed in a few key words.

I have two or three fresh novel-type ideas, and a few older ideas laying around...

There's certainly nothing wrong with actually writing a new short story once in a while. I have neglected this lately--no kidding.

If anyone wants to exchange links and build traffic, let me know on fb or Twitter.

What else is going on around here?

Today I set up an author page on Amazon UK. I had one in the U.S., but none in the UK. So now I'm thinking, 'how do I get in Amazon IT, ES, FR, etc?' Right?

Then there's a list of a few reviewers in a document file. I could do something about that. There is never 'nothing to do' around here. That's for danged sure.

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